Berlin based artist Lula Valletta and The Hague's underdog poet Mr. Pelham collaborate once again on a new series of work, especially created for the 5x2 exhibition at Grafische Werkplaats. For this exhibition, they took inspiration from the works of Hans Arp and the Dadaists 'no rule' rule. Their visual aesthetics is associated with the movement of found forms and shapes combined through collage. To show that DADA is not dead yet, they use modern day machinery as a tool to visualise their ideas. The series is called Arpsianism and is entirely risograph printed at Grafische Werkplaats.

"Each page must explode, by either deep and weight seriousness - the whirlwind, the vertigo, the new, the eternal - by the crushing jokes, by the enthusiasm for the principles, or by the manner of being printed."
- Tristan Tzara

- series of 12 A3 size prints, limited edition of 4, black and red risograph printed on 180 gr. paper and comes in a special box.
- two zines in A6 size, limited edition of 30, black and red risograph printed on 90 gr. paper and with a poster inside.