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Guided Tour 
Walk with me thourgh lively The Hague and together we'll visit some artistic hubs during HOOGTIJ. This tour will be in English. 
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          1 December 2017

Are you interested in Risography? In this workshop, I will explain the basics of riso and show you the endless possibilities of working with the riso machines. The workshop will result in a booklet.

          14 oktober 2017 @ Grafische Werkplaats - Den Haag, Netherlands

Are you interested in Collages? Wanna go gaga with dada? Up for learning how to create your own collage and be part of a creative group of people? I will briefly explain the history of collage, show and teach a variety of collage techniques and different materials. Come find your cutting edge in this workshop.

          Basics of Collage with Anelor Robin and Lula Valletta @ Prachtwerk - Berlin, Germany
          Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck Collage Lounge with Anelor Robin and Lula Valletta @ Ludwig - Berlin, Germany
          Cutting Edge @ Gallery Fata Morgana - Berlin, Germany

Get gaga with dada
In this workshop, we will create Dadaistic poetry. Together we focus on experimental writing using ideas and techniques the Dadaists used many years ago, translated into our modern age. We will work with found texts, creating/writing new texts, collage, surrealist automatism and more in which coincidence will play a big role. The workshop will result in a booklet.

          11 November 2017 @ Zinecamp WORM - Rotterdam, Netherlands